About Us

We believe that:

“Learning takes place through connected relationships (family, community, culture and place) particularly within families who are children’s first and most influential educators ..... As children participate in everyday life, they develop interests and construct their own identities and understandings of the world.” (ELYF)

We believe that “learning in early childhood happens when children use their senses, are actively engaged with other people and with the physical world, when they explore, experiment, combine things, take things apart, reflect, imagine, question and consider possibilities” (NSW Curriculum Framework). Our programs promote a play-based curriculum that allows children to grow and develop in a nurturing, caring and safe play environment.

We will provide a program which is based on a collaboration of the NSW Curriculum Framework and the ELYF, embracing the concept of Belonging, Being and Becoming (ELYF).

We will provide a program which supports diversity, promotes respect for all people and recognises the importance of similarities and differences between individuals and families. We will provide an environment that fosters secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships.

We will provide a learning environment in which children are able to feel a part of the centre’s community.

We believe that all children are unique individuals and have the right to explore and express their ideas and feelings in a free and safe environment, with the opportunity to explore and revisit their ideas at their own pace. They will be empowered to make choices and decisions within their learning environment and will be encouraged to voice these choices through play. Positive self-awareness and self-confidence will be fostered through meaningful interactions with staff, peers and families.

We will provide an environment and program which will be challenging and stimulating to support and extend the skills and abilities of each child. We will help to prepare children for life beyond the centre and home, providing school readiness programs in an environment which promotes positive attitudes to learning.

We will ensure the health, safety and well being of each child by providing a safe and secure environment and by promoting healthy living and food choices.

We believe that family involvement is an integral part of the everyday running of our centre. We welcome the sharing of family experiences, cultures and ideas within our learning environment to enrich the children’s development, learning and understandings of the world around them. We encourage an environment where staff and parents work together to foster mutual respect and support of each other through open and regular communications.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and education for each child which is supported through the hiring of high quality trained and experienced staff. Staff work together to provide a positive and successful learning environment for the children in their care. We believe that continuous professional development is synonymous with providing quality care and education for the children.